Weekend Recommendations — International Toy Piano Festival & More

REHASHER album art. Courtesy of REHASHER.
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Undoubtedly there’s a ton of great events in Pinellas, not only during the weekend but also throughout the week. This is a careful, somewhat neurotic curation of 10 events for your weekend enjoyment. I tried to gather purely artistic events this time, so let’s get started:

Tonight visit Desireé Moore :: Bare Your Teeth :: closing reception and talk. There’s always something extra embedded in a grin or a smile; it’s not only about laughter or joy, right? There’s an animalistic side to it. Let’s not speculate, instead catch up with multidisciplinary artist Desireé Moore before she leaves CUNSTHAUS as she discusses her site-specific installation. To quote Moore: “Bare Your Teeth isolates moments of gesture to consider the feminine experience within culturally accepted sexism and harassment. In some ways, these tactics have been perpetuated into normalcy, a convenient disguise protected by civility. Benevolence is not a shield, and ignorance is not acceptable.” So, a lot of timely issues have been expressed, more now than ever with allegations of sexual abuse popping up everywhere from Hollywood to Washington. Let’s acknowledge the cultural epidemic and fight it. If you miss this closing reception, keep an eye for the interesting film and video projects/installations Moore is known for nationwide. She’s always trying to push the boundaries of gender complexity and cultural norms. Moore is also one of our 2017 Creative Pinellas Emerging artists grant recipients, so keep an eye on her progress as a local St. Petersburg artist.

If you crave loud punk rock, or you feel like getting some ink while listening to loud live music, well you are in luck! Lucky You Tattoo has joined forces with Robot House! Presents to bring you REHASHER, a Gainesville punk band featuring Roger Lima of famous headbangers Less Than Jake. Listen to REHASHER’s latest album produced by independent No Idea Records and make an informed decision. Opening acts are WEAK KNEES, a loud punk band from Spring Hill and THE ANTIDON’TS, self-nominated SW Florida skate punk. Build some community at this DIY local music show. Starting times are pretty laid back. I promise the kids don’t bite too hard so go on and get your tickets in advance. It’s a smaller venue.

If your thing is more fine style and soul glamour, get a reserved seat at the Palladium Theater tonight. There’s going to be a clash of soul styles when Alex Harris meets Siobhan Monique for a dazzling, eye-popping evening of extreme virtuosity. Join the soul party and get ready to be hypnotized by the music.

Saturday is the 21st Annual Downtown Dunedin Art Festival — do not miss out this art market. You will meet talented artists specialized in a broad spectrum of media including sculpture, photography, glass, paintings, ceramics, jewelry, mixed-media and more. This art festival is organized by Howard Alan Events and starts around 10 a.m. on Main Street Dunedin.

One of our favorite venues, ARTpool Gallery is proud to present a Crafty Fest Pop-Up Vendor Market on Saturday at 11 a.m.  The artistic market is a lot of fun–you find a lot of people that also sell on Etsy online. Check out their gallery and funky shop. Best of all it is free to attend and family friendly. If you are prepared to man it and sell your art, please apply for a booth. It looks like a good environment to get started in your artistic entrepreneurship.

The highly recommended Toy Piano Wild Pathways event is happening tomorrow — wow! Time flies when you are having fun. It’s part of the 2018 Florida International Toy Piano Festival. There’s nothing like the fresh air of Boyd Hill Nature Preserve where it is being held. Of course, you are encouraged to bring blankets and bug repellents. Thank you Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, for getting together with the City of St. Petersburg, Creative Pinellas, and the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance to make this international festival possible. It’s going to be a trip to be surrounded by trees and this highly postmodern convergence of global talent. Melissa Grey & David Morneaul’Artiste ordinaire (NYC) A modern collaboration between a composer and a performer engaging music, sound, science fiction, and interactive light. Cindy Giron (The Hague, The Netherlands) A unique composer that explores sounds through all types of instrumentation, from solo to chamber, orchestral, electronic, and installations. All of this artist have performed successfully around the world. Daniel Fawcett & Li TaoTATAT Ensemble (Chicago, IL & Eugene, OR) has a very impressive task–they are dedicated to the performance of new music by living composers. Jonathan Hannau & Kelley SheehanPlucky Plunkers (Chicago, IL) independent and acclaimed Chicago’s toy piano duo. And when I mean duo, Jonathan plays two toy pianos and Kelley is on a two and a half octave baby grand piano by BC Toy. The event should be a wild combination of nature and cool noise.

 Chill holds a special place in my heart as one of those down-to-earth local artist groups that will open the door to you fully, but it’s also a varied independent group of artists, who are ready for more local Pinellas collaborations. “You can come too, if you want. You get weird, we’ll get weirder” — their fine quote on the event page. Takes place Saturday night at The Blue Goose bar. Music show commanded by Lassyu and Catatonic Scripts





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