New SHINE 2017 Muralists make a Glowing Impression

Detail of the progress of Lauren YS' new mural from SHINE 2017. Photo Daniel Veintimilla
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SHINE 2017
Oct 5-14

All photos by Daniel Veintimilla

Local Photographer talking to Leon Bedore (Tes One) SHINE Mural Festival Director.


The 2017 SHINE mural fest is on our radar and for a good reason: It has literally become a high art experience managed by the productive St. Pete Arts Alliance.

Viewing the murals has become like going into an art gallery outdoors. The beauty of it all is that it’s volunteer-powered and -inspired. Director Leon Bedore (Tes One) was one of the pioneer muralist enhancing his art with modern graphic design techniques.

This year iconoclast and local artist Chris Parks (Pale Horse) curates the show.

“Right now is such a crucial moment in time for our proud city. We’ve all invested so much to make this place the creative hub that it is,” Parks says on the Shine St. Pete website. The illustrator’s compositions have a lot to do with this change — his State Theater collaboration with Tes One spurred the popularity of downtown’s murals.

Creative Pinellas caught some of the chosen artist inflagranti doing what they do best: 

Suaresart new SHINE 2017 mural at Queen’s Head (in progress), 2501 Central Ave.

Suarezart: Our very best and local open call winner, a Ringling Alumni that has left his mark with “Art in the Park” in Bradenton. Suarez is known for his signature stylishly curvy portraiture, working in various media such as painting, sculpting, digital illustration and drawings.  Instagram: @suarezart. Check out his Shine 2017 mural at Queen’s Head 2501 Central Ave.   


Dutch artist Joram Roukes working high up on a crane on his new mural at Central Neurology, 2201 Central Ave.

Joram Roukes: (Netherlands) Roukes’ work is recognized internationally for layered-like assemblages and commentary on culture. His compositions have balance and tension while mixing different styles. Roukes is currently represented by Galleri Benoni in Denmark, Thinkspace Gallery in California, and StolenSpace Gallery in London. Website: `Instagram: @joramroukesShine 2017 mural at Central Neurology 2201 Central Ave.

Australian artist Sam Yong is starting his Osprey mural at Grayspeed Cycles 2060 1st Ave S.

Sam Yong: (Australia) A professional illustrator who works on a variety of traditional media.  Yong’s love of nature and solo adventures manifests through his art, where intricate illustrations reflect complex relationships between living creatures. Yong has exhibited in Paris, the United States, New Zealand, Melbourne, and is commissioned across the globe. Website: Instagram: @saminthewolf. Shine 2017 mural at Grayspeed Cycles 2060 1st Ave S.

Miami-based artist Jose Mertz is conquering the heat at Hideaway Cafe 1756 Central Ave

Jose Mertz: A splendid image creator based in Miami, Mertz pushes an experimental style inspired by ancient civilizations, science-fiction, eastern philosophy and the metaphysical. He has embraced multimedia platforms, ranging from traditional paintings and murals, to product designs and so on. Website: Instagram: @josemertzShine 2017 mural at Hideaway Cafe 1756 Central Ave.

Tampa-based artist Jujmo studying her work so far at  FRS Team By Rogers 1701 1st ave S.

Jujmo: Tampa-based artist spawns colors through unique drawings and paintings of happy, intertwined worlds. Luxurious, cartoonish and weird living things collide in her densely patterned compositions that she has sprung onto every medium imaginable. Website: Instagram: @jujmoShine 2017 mural at  FRS Team By Rogers 1701 1st ave S.

Hueman mural at Teknia Logistics 155 17th St. S.

Hueman: Allison Torneros grew up painting in Northern California, graduating in Design and Media Arts from UCLA in 2008. Her style encompasses colorful abstract mash-ups, that contrast with her use of geometry. Precise compositions begin with spontaneous drips and sprays, creating a type of motion on the flat surfaces. Her complex works can be seen worldwide. Website: Instagram: @hueman_ Shine 2017 mural at Teknia Logistics 155 17th St. S.

Axel VOID deep in thought, working on new mural at Rick Noll Properties 165 13th St. N.

Axel VOID & L.E.O: Axel Void (Alejandro Hugo Dorda Mevs) born in Miami in ’86, of Haitian/Spanish descent. He was raised in Spain from age 3, and strongly influenced by classical paintings. Axel studied fine arts in Cádiz, Granada, and Sevilla, and has been balls deep in graffiti since 1999. He was based in Berlin before moving to Miami in 2013, where he currently lives. Website: Instagram: @axelvoid Shine 2017 mural at  Rick Noll Properties 165 13th St N.

R5 Barojas working at Rick Noll Properties 1211 First Ave. N.

Daniel R5 Barojas: Born in Mexico City and now living in St. Petersburg, Barojas, also known as R5, has mastered various artistic mediums including mixed media illustration, watercolor, graphic/product design, jewelry, photography, producing toys and graffiti. He takes elements from traditional cultures and mixes them with urban influences. Daniel’s mission is to spread positive vibes by means of creativity. Website: Instagram: @R5imaging Shine 2017 mural at Rick Noll Properties 1211 1st Ave N

Lauren YS amazing work at Bodhi Basics 240 Dr MLK Jr St N.

Lauren YS: San Francisco native and CP’s choice artist (I just made that up). Her body of work is influenced by dreams, mythology, and her Asian-American heritage. Her huge public murals bring a sense of wonder, as she creates vibrant imagery with rebellious heroines and fantastic narratives. Lauren’s art has appeared at festivals such as Art Basel Miami, Pow!Wow! Hawaii, and PangeaSeed SeaWalls, as well as in galleries in Vienna, London, and Sydney. Website: Instagram: @lolo.ys Shine 2017 mural at Bodhi Basics, 240 Dr. MLK Jr. St. N.

Palladino behind his awesome ride at Benson Worley 276 Dr MLK Jr St N.

Stephen Palladino: New York-born artist Stevie Palladino combines raw, expressive marks with quick lines. Following his childhood obsession: cartoons and graffiti, Palladino engineers characters that are slick and raw, shady and chill, mixed with hidden layers of popular imagery and dialogue. He has been commissioned by Lady Gaga, Absolut Vodka, Reebok and others. Palladino is currently based in Los Angeles and presented his first solo gallery show there in 2015. Website: Instagram: @goodandshiddy. Shine 2017 mural at Benson Worley 276 Dr MLK Jr St N.

New work in progress by Herbert Scott Davis at George F Young Inc. 299 Dr. MLK Jr St N

Herbert Scott Davis: Growing up in Ybor, Herbert developed an early passion for art and culture. A graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and former freelance illustrator, Davis now focuses on fine art, bringing his meticulous or abstracted imagery to all mediums alike. Facebook: Shine 2017 mural at George F Young Inc. 299 Dr. MLK Jr. St. N

Here are some events related to SHINE make sure to check for many more:

SHINE ‘Outside In’ Art Exhibit & Finale Event
Saturday, Oct. 14, 5 p.m.
Behar + Peteranecz Architecture
2430 Terminal Drive S., St. Petersburg,
off 24th St S and Sixth Ave S. Street parking and some lot parking is available, bike over,
or use Uber/Lyft. If taking the trolley, get off at the Duncan McClellan stop.

Tour de Shine 2017 – Mural Showcase Tour
Sunday, Oct. 29, 9 a.m.
St. Pete Bike Co-op
559 Mirror Lake Drive, St. Petersburg

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